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Florenzer is a project on a hypothetical special online exhibition that explores the personal and homosexual lives of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Through extensive research within my dissertation, I’ve compiled and curated different media from the respective artists that could be considered evidence of, what we know today as, homosexuality.

With the aim to educate the public through the means of digital spaces and develop the concept of online exhibitions, Florenzer brings together and features prominent artworks and textual evidence from both artists in an interactive and engaging way. Try it out yourself!

Page Designs

Interaction Examples

Poster Designs

Initial Ideas and Research

Colour Schemes


#f7ffde - Background colour and chosen to represent a parchment like colour, similar to what people would use during the Renaissance era.


#3943b7 - A colour to represent Leoanrdo da Vinci. Leonardo was more withdrawn and introverted in terms of personality, his artworks and his sexuality. I chose this colour to represent this, as well as contrasting well with Michelangelo’s colour.


#ff0072 - A colour to represent Michelangelo Buonarroti. Michelangelo was bold and assertive and his talent  was loud and well known, in contrast with Leonardo. He was also a bit more open with his sexuality and was quite a passionate man, so this colour was chosen to represent him and the nature of his artworks and evidence.


#3e3e3e - Mainly chosen for a neutral dark colour to be used in body text. Does not clash with the existing colours and works well on screen.

Logo Development

Font Selections

Adobe Jenson Pro - Font chosen as it was used during the Renaissance era
PT Sans -  Font chosen as it is used in the Uffizi Gallery’s website