A visual analysis of Oprah Winfrey’s Cecil B. deMille Golden Globes Speech 2018

This project features the speech of Oprah Winfrey’s Cecil B. deMille acceptance award in the Golden Globes 2018. Winfrey references black history and the Me Too movement, and was widely acclaimed as a result. Gaining inspiration from old inscriptions on stone, I created a 1 metre wide, 4 metre long scroll featuring the entirety of her speech. However in between the lines lies an alternative opinion - spoken through Tarana Burke, the Me Too movement founder.

The Me Too movement focused too much on Hollywood, whereas the people who really needed it, such as POCs, trans, queer and disabled people, felt that they were not heard. Winfrey’s speech, unfortunately, adds into this focus on the Hollywood Me Too movement. Burke addresses this problem with the answer to refocus our perspective and break down the blocks of power and privilege.